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Monday, April 24, 2006

Chocolate Indulgence

Just A Kiss has been added to the new selections at Woo Hoo!

Recently my friend Carolyn told me about a chocolate made by Lindt called a LINDOR.
Oh My! What a fabulous chocolate treat this is! The red ones are milk chocolate and the blue ones are dark chocolate.
I bring this up because if you've read Just A Kiss...this is my closest definition of a Chocolate Keller kiss. hee hee hee Try it and see.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

As time goes by

I manage to fill my days up quickly. Each night I'm amazed that another day has passed by.
Where does all my time go?
No...really...I'm asking...somebody please tell me, where does all my time go?

When I write...hours and hours go by in what seems like minutes.
Sometimes I have lots of pages written, or I've edited something already written,
...and other times I've thought ideas through to their logical conclusion.
Sometimes I wish I had more to show for the time invested in my day dreaming...I mean logical conclusion thinking with regard to ideas for books. hee hee

Am I the only dreamer schemer out there?
Surely not.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Days that make me Happy

Today makes me happy because of the date.
Check it out... it's 04/05/06 !!
Cool Huh?

Kristen understands my affection for numbers...well perhaps understand is an over statement. Tolerates is probably closer to the truth.

I don't care.
Today is a COOL day!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

How Time Flies

Fifteen years ago today...I gave birth to my first child.
My baby boy was so little and cute back then. Fast forward to fifteen years later I believe my baby is still very cute...but he's taller than me now. And of course his voice has deepened three octaves lower since then. He hates it when I refer to him as "my baby", but I don't care. It's the way I feel.

On his first birthday I made him banana cake. Today he insists on chocolate cake for his birthday. Did I mention he's a smart kid, too?

The only bad thing is that it's getting harder to convince people I'm a mere 29 when we're out together. From now on he's staying home.

In three years he'll be 18. He seems to "think" he gets to leave home and go out on his own. But I'm not ready so I've made an ultimatum..."Once you get to 35...we'll talk."

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