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Friday, May 30, 2008

Today of all days...

I need to surround myself with things I love. Yes...I'm a year older today.
This phenomenon happens each and every year. I'm powerless to stop it.
No one can. How old am I? Not telling! :)
So...Jeffery Donovan from Burn Notice. The Closer. Fried Cheesecake. Coffee. Reading.
What do these seemingly random things have in common?
"These are a few of my favorite things..." to quote a famous song.
What do you surround yourself with on birthdays?

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coming Soon...Menagerie


What’s a girl to do with five hot guys who need her for their sexual survival? Create a weekly schedule.

Accidentally transported to an alien spaceship, Valerie Thornhill inadvertently volunteers to be a virtual sex slave for five men.

A shortage of females and her blatant curiosity aboard the alien vessel conspire and set fate in motion. The fact that the five are sexy and attractive is helpful when she learns the term of service is three years.

Forbidden to show favoritism within her unusual household for the duration of the long trip, Valerie still can’t help falling in love with the most intriguing one of her male harem. The fact that she is apprehensive about his demeanor and overall size only heightens her desire for him.

When the aliens discover Valerie’s indiscretion, the ultimate price for her desire may jeopardize the return trip to Earth for all of them.

Sensuality Rating: SCORCHING
Erotic Sci-fi/Multiple Partner Romance
70,000 words

REVIEWS for Menagerie

5 Flags: "WOW! Fantastic! Titillating, sexy, and OMG it’s unfair that one woman can be catered to by so many men. Well, Lara, without being told, you’ve added another one to my keeper shelf. I could not put it down till I finished it. The lack of sleep was worth it! High marks hon! Can’t wait for the next one." —Melisa, Euro-Reviews

"This book has multiple partners, some bondage, and explicit sex. It is very well written and I enjoyed every minute of it. I was rooting for Valerie all the way. Valerie's behavior on the alien ship reminds us of the little troublemaker we all have inside. By the end of this story I was wishing for that happy ending that I felt they deserved. This book was so descriptive, it felt like a movie playing in my head." —Breia Brickey, ParaNormalRomance


Menagerie by Lara Santiago is unlike any book I have ever read. Erotic and original, this sci-fi story grabs you from the first page and keeps you thoroughly involved until the last word. Ms. Santiago has come up with an alien story unlike any other and her imaginative style, world building and strong heroines, who always have a touch of humor, never cease to entertain.

Valerie Thornhill awakes from what she thinks is a dream only to find herself on a alien spaceship flying through the universe. At first unable to fully grasp her circumstances she manages to break quite a few of “the rules.” Extremely feisty she is not going to cave in without a fight. At least not until she runs in to Hauser, a sexy blond god! The fact that he wants her convinces her that she has to be dreaming.

Soon enough she realizes it's not a dream. She must agree to have frequent sexual encounters with each of the five men in Hauser’s group for the next two years or they will suffer incredible pain and she won't be able to return to Earth. She’s not sure how she’ll handle it but knows that there is no way out.

Ms. Santiago weaves a story so steamy you’ll need to sit on a block of ice to keep from overheating! Each of these men is more alpha and sexy than the next. The heroine is strong, funny and would make a great best friend. I really loved this book and it has earned a spot on my keeper shelf. Trust me you definitely need to pick up a copy of Menagerie. But remember I did warn you that it is so sizzling you'll feel like you're sitting in a sauna.

~Reviewed by Lynda

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Friday, May 16, 2008

What have I been reading?

I have been on a reading binge lately. Not so much writing is being accomplished and I worry a little about that, but sometimes as a writer, you have to take a break and fill the well again, so to speak. :)

I do get a chance to tackle my enormous To Be Read pile. (Okay, I have three of them. Bedside, computer and next to the living room sofa. A bad habit my husband must endure.)

I recently read this fabulous book, First You Run, by Roxanne St. Claire. It's her latest Bullet Catcher novel and I have to say one of her best.

Seriously, Roxanne doesn't know how to write any thing but amazing can't-put-it-down-until-you-finish stories. Her sexy heroes make you want to crawl in between the pages and get into trouble so a Bullet Catcher can come rescue you . :)
A physics problem I'm still trying to master. :)

The next best thing to being rescued by a Bullet Catcher is getting an early peek at the second book in this trilogy series. And I have managed to obtain a copy of Then You Hide.

I've read the first few pages and it is just so fabulously wonderful. Now you know what I'll be doing this weekend. :) I like to give myself a wide block of time to read instead of snippets of time here and there. Then You Hide deserves my full and complete attention.
And yes, the boys in my household will be scrounging in the kitchen for meals until I'm done. :)

What are you reading these days?

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Friday, May 09, 2008

New Fabulous Music and the great thing about Amazon

I was ordering a CD for my son from Amazon they have this cool feature.
You know the one...
Customer's who purchased this...whatever you are buying...also bought this item.

This is basically in your face advertising, but guess what? It works. worked on my son.
Okay, worked on me too. :)

In this case, the advertisement was for a music group I'd never heard of called Saving Abel.
Now keep in mind that my son is a teenager.
The cover was what made him go check out CD and listen to the music clips. (Ha Ha I have to smile here.)
And then we went out and bought it the next day. He didn't even want to wait for a second Amazon order.
It is an awesome CD!!
LOVE Saving Abel.

This feature also applies to books. Which is the good thing. ;)

Does anyone else take advantage of this advertising?
Come on. I'm not the only one, right?

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

A new blog...Siren & BookStrand Authors

Woo Hoo! Here is another blog where I'll be hanging out at in the future. :)

Come and check it out.

Also a picture of Jeffrey Donovan because I CAN'T WAIT for Burn Notice to come back this summer. Plus I like to think that Michael Weston is excited about my new blog too. Okay, but I can dream. :):)

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